Our Legacy

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New Office

1956 to 1959

In 1956, John (Jack) D. Paterson, P.Eng. and geologist, established a proprietorship to provide consulting engineering services to the greater Ottawa area in geology and in the growing discipline of geotechnics. Anticipating that there would be a need for such services locally was prophetic, and business was brisk and steady. In response to the demand, services were expanded solely from subsurface investigations into the associated broad categories of foundation failures, pavement structures, property evaluations and materials testing.

1959 to 1983

The period from 1959 to 1962 saw the inauguration of a building boom in Ottawa and the revitalisation of the downtown core. It was a period of rapid change and expansion both for the construction industry and the Company. A materials testing laboratory was set up to test soils, concrete and asphalt. From 1962 to 1983, to accommodate expansion, offices and a separate laboratory were moved to new premises. Following the incorporation of the Company in 1964, the building science division was formed to deal with roofing and waterproofing issues. Temporary satellite laboratories were established in Smiths Falls and Kingston, Ontario.

1983 to 1990

In 1983, Jack Paterson retired while the Company continued its expansion with a further housing boom in the Ottawa area. The physical expansion of the Company allowed for the move to its present location in Ottawa.

1990 to 2021

Although environmental engineering had been carried out by the firm for several years, in 1990, the environmental division was officially formed to undertake a variety of assignments associated with growing environmental concerns. From its inception in 1990, this division has grown to become a significant part of the Company. Paterson Group has established itself as a leader in environmental issues with respect to real estate transactions. In 1998, an office and laboratory was opened in North Bay to serve our northern clients. In 2012, Paterson Group’s head office was moved to a new location at 154 Colonnade Road South to accommodate our growing business and to better serve our core clients.

2021 - Present

In 2021, Paterson Group was restructured with David Gilbert taking on the role of President, and Mark D’Arcy, Brad Richardson, Joe Forsyth, Steve Mariasine, Curtis Beadow and Mike Killam making up the new team of leadership. But even with a team that has grown to 160 people strong, this new group is as committed as the generation before it was to thinking different.

In Spring 2022, Paterson Group moved into a new office at 9 Auriga Drive, and with that, came a new branding identity and new website.  All of this is a part of an overdue refresh and an effort by the new management team to make its stamp on the soon-to-be-70-year-old business.

In 2023, Paterson Group officially opened their GTA office at 1535 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, beginning a new journey and expanding their services to the greater Toronto community.